Broken Harbor

Broken Harbor was such a slow read. It has taken me half of June to complete and two days to write the review. The first hundred and fifty pages take place in the murder victim’s home with the detectives slowly, tediously reviewing the scene. I began to wonder if the entire story was going to take place in the home. Sadly the story continued to disappoint. The motive for the murders seemed unlikely. The creature in the attic was the most interesting element. However, the obsession with capturing it would never have been tolerated. The perspective of Scorcher’s green partner was just ridiculous. I would have rather seen this detective succeed and be an asset to Scorcher. Finally, the case sparks tragic family memories, which impacts Scorcher and his sisters. This story line is poorly executed. I adored Tana French’s first book, Into the Woods. Unfortunately, her last two have not thrilled me.

My next read is not my usual taste. I picked up Wonder Bread Summer, which promises to be a hilarious, yet heartbreaking coming-of-age novel by Jessica Anya Blau. We’ll see. I am fifty pages in and it is definitely a raunchy, wild, adventured full summer read.

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