Life at the Marmont

Life at the Marmont is not my typical read. The book is comprised of short snippets about various people who have worked, lived, or briefly visited the Chateau Marmont. Although slow at times, probably because some of the starlets were unknown to me, I really enjoyed this glimpse into old as well as new Hollywood. I particularly liked reading how the Sunset Strip transformed. It began as absolutely nothing, commonly referred to as “No Man’s Land.” Slowly development was sparked and posh, glitzy nightclubs like the Brown Derby and restaurants such as the Trocadero arose. In the 1960’s hippies claimed The Strip with scruffy, unpolished appearances, protests and psychedelic music, bringing an unheard of ruckus to the hotel. Maybe being an LA native and hence proud of my city or because Hollywood is my backyard I gravitated to this little gem. Life at the Marmont is a piece of history not worth missing.  

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