Live to Tell

Live to Tell is haunting. Lisa Gardner combines children with severe mental health issues, a pediatric psyche unit and alternative treatment practices that involve communicating with the spirit world to create a seriously disturbing but engrossing suspense thriller. Of all the Gardner books I have read thus far, (I’m at number three), Live to Tell is the best but creepiest. The psychotic children are the most extreme and unsettling element to this story. I know I have written this before, but what in the world is going on in Gardner’s head to create such horrendous plots?

I’m taking a big trip to Costa Rica in winter. Traveling to my final destination will include three separate plans rides and lots of lots of waiting which results in a ton of time for reading. I have decided that my suitcase and carry-on will be bulging with Gardner’s books as they are quick and easy while keeping me fully engaged. Thus no more Gardener’s until winter!

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