The Whisperer

The Whisperer is a terrific, cleverly crafted crime, thriller fiction novel. The pace was fast and the author was excellent at layering the story with nasty, skin crawling secrets and twists that kept me turning the pages. The characters were fascinating and extraordinarily well developed. The only challenge of this book was that I had to continuously get into the author's rhythm. Perhaps it was not his writing style but rather the translation, which made the book a bit awkward at times. I noticed I had to reread pages to make sure I was grasping the concept. The book, although extremely engaging took me four days to complete due to the choppy mode, which again I can only attribute to the poor translation. Despite this small critique I was immensely impressed with Donato Carrisi ability to constantly turn the story on its head while keeping the reader guessing, revealing the truth at the very end.

Spoiler Alert –

I also enjoyed learning of and being perplexed by 'whisperers'. The basis of the book introduces an interesting thought provoking concept that had me questioning and wanting to learn more about whisperers. Can people influence others to do harm? How weak is your sense of right and wrong that you could be manipulated to commit heinous crimes?  Who’s more monstrous the swayer or the doer? Without questions both are sinister, atrocious beings!

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