The Lake Shore Limited

Sue Miller’s character development was excruciatingly slow to start. I was initially bored by the story. The characters of Leslie and Pierce whom establish the novel were flat. I didn’t know where or if the tale was going anywhere. I drudged through the first twenty-nine pages. It took me two days to read pages one through twenty. Finally, I choose to commit. I finished the book this afternoon. Luckily the story progressed more rapidly with Miller’s introduction of additional characters that were much more compelling, ultimately carrying the book. I did not dislike the work, but I wasn’t thrilled either. The subject matter was depressing. The author has created a book comprised of extremely sad people coming to terms with loss or impending loss while trying to find ways to move on in their lives. None of the characters beckoned me. They were lost and damaged.
I am very excited for my next reads. I picked up two new books: In One Person by John Irving and The Whisperer by Donato Carrisi. I also have an extremely long book by an Indian author given to me by a colleague. This book is over one thousand pages. It’s very daunting. I haven’t even brought it home. I will have to gain more courage. 

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