In One Person

In One Person reads like a memoir, although this is not John Irving’s story. The book is raw, poignant, and often heartbreaking, especially as Billy experiences and copes with the deaths of so many friends afflicted by AIDS. Irving brilliantly explores and celebrates human sexuality, identity and desire. His newest novel has a strong voice as well as critically important messages. I believe In One Person will soon be required reading for college sociology and psychology courses, just like James Baldwin’s works. Irving’s compassion and belief in tolerance shines throughout the piece. However, he also reminds the reader that lingering intolerances of sexual differences remain alive still today. Finally, Irving illustrates that regardless of our genders, orientations, or identities we should not be labeled. I love the following quote from the book. “Please don’t put a label on me – don’t make me a category before you get to know me!” Less marginalization may occur if we could truly live this quote.  

My opinion of this book is of a straight woman. I would love to dialogue with other readers of this book. I would especially like to hear from the LGBT community. Please feel free to make a blog comment. 

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