Night Circus

To grab my blog book images, I go to the goodreads site. I immediately could not help but notice that review after review were negative. I can’t believe the number of people who had such disdain for this book. A reviewer wrote, "How did this get published?" Another commented, "Shrug." The worst stated, "Has magic ever been less fun?" What is wrong with people? Could everyone be like my dear friend who hates magic, referring to it contemptuously as trickery? (You know who you are. This book would most likely put you over the edge. I definitely would not recommend this one for you.) 
In sharp contrast to the majority of readers, I immediately, thought while first embarking on this author’s debut tale how fortunate I am to be on such good book kick. Night Circus is delightful. I am captivated by stories such as these that forces the reader to entertain another reality. This story takes magic to an entirely new level. Morgenstern uses lush imagery of a mysterious circus that only operates at night to catapult the reader to a bizarre but beautiful place which I would be happy to explore and embrace.

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