This is an English police procedural. Although I read this book quickly, I unfortunately have many issues with this acclaimed, so-called thriller. I did not find it gripping or for that matter very believable. The acronyms were confusing. The story line was too similar to The Other Woman's House, which unlike this book was well-crafted by another female, UK author. I disliked the non-ending. I felt Mo Hayder did a poor job connecting the perpetrator’s crimes to the families he attacked. Additionally, Hayder did not fully explain the perpetrator's rational, although I guess if you are crazy, you are crazy.  She failed to develop or solve an interesting, key story line. Perhaps she plans to do this in her next book or these characters continue on in her other stories. I will never know what transpires as I don’t plan on picking up another Mo Hayder mystery. Finally, the descriptions of the tunnels were unreadable and difficult to imagine. I definitely don’t think this should have won the 2012 Edgar Allan Poe Award.

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