Fifty Shades Darker

I had many issues with the first book as depicted in my review. However, I as I stated before, I am interested in what makes a story popular. The second book is as equally poorly written. The characters are flat. The story line is predictable and boring. The dialogue is repetitive and nauseating. The author tries to use big words. Sadly it is apparent that she is overusing the thesaurus tool to find a more attractive word. Here is a sample, minus the sex of what you are in for if you pick up this book:

            “I love you Christian,” whispered Anna.
            “You are mine, Christian growled.
            “I will always be yours and you are mine.”
    “Yours,” he responds with a smile. “I cannot resist you,    
    Anastasia. You have bewitched me.”
   “It is you Christian that have put a spell on me.”
  “I will die a thousand deaths if you ever leave me. I could  
   not tolerate the world without you, my beautiful Anastasia. I    
   love you.”
  “Christian, I could never leave you. You are mine forever.”
Yuck, yuck, yuck! This scenario has been repeated more then a dozen times! The immaturity of this fictitious couple is annoying. I hate to think that college age girls would strive for this type of relationship. Again, besides the descriptions of sex, I have no clue why these books are so appealing.

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