Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home is an extremely dull read. Jennifer Weiner is predictable creating extremely uninteresting story lines that readers have come across hundreds of times. Weiner’s stories are always the same featuring a character that struggles with her weight resorting to rich, salty and of course high caloric foods for comfort. She loves to incorporate sex to try to excite and capture the reader. Unfortunately, the sex descriptions are poorly done and cheesy. Hurried sex in an exam room with your lover who is pretending to be a patient. Come on! Lame! Weiner is also quite fond of portraying sisters that are extreme opposites and at odds until the very end when the story is wrapped up and all live happily ever after. One sister seems to be all together from outwardly appearances but actually is a complete mess. The other sister has had past challenges, which makes her the identified patient, yet she is the sister that saves the day rallying the entire family. This is just badly written chick lit. Luckily I fly through this type of read. I am looking forward to my next book The Leopard by Jo Nesbo.

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