Run reads like a Jodi Picoult. I am not joking. It has Picoult undertones, although lacks the romantic piece consistent in all her books. I was immediately captured by Run. It is unique, intertwining destinies of the characters in a creative plot. I am also a sucker for lore, therefore was easily captivated. Fellow reviewers overwhelmingly did not like this book. I imagine people expect more of Ann Patchett then a story about complicated dynamics confronted by individuals and families. She does introduce meaty topics such as race, poverty, class, and social responsibility but not in any depth that readers may be accustomed to when embarking on a Patchett novel. Breezing through and genuinely enjoying Run when so many readers made negative comments makes me want to analyze my reading preferences especially in light that I did not engage (or complete) Patchett's Pen/Faulkner Award-winning novel Bel Canto. 

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