Andorra had excellent promise, especially with its compelling start and jacket cover description. I was immediately intrigued by the unlikable, but interestingly strange characters. I was excited to learn more of Mr. Dent's escape. I wanted to watch the unfolding of the Alex's relationship with Jean. I was hoping to discover more details of Nancy's seedy past and present. Yet, sadly these story lines were glossed over as the book continued. Then the end meandered, causing me to question what exactly I read. I dislike taking time with a book to feel as if I did not follow or comprehend its meaning. I feel as if I missed something crucial especially with the rave reviews from fans and praise from critics. Why the harbor murders? Why was Alex a suspect? Why did Cameron not develop this plot line further when it could have solidified some of the story? Why the confession? Why create interesting characters but only develop them superficially? Why recreate the geography of Andorra? (In reality Andorra is a landlocked country in the Pyrenees.) Why not choose a coastal, Mediterranean town in Italy for example? Why are the story and its characters so disconnected? If you are a reader who needs closure or to be provided more concrete answers, this book may not satisfy. Even with all of these critiques I would not discourage this book. It was oddly entertaining. Ultimately, more elaboration would have had me better satisfied, but maybe I need to take the perspective that the book is a bit like participating in someone else's dream. 

What’s next on the reading list?

In the office’s lending library one of my colleagues left Taft, which was written by Ann Patchett. I picked it up and put it in my reading pile. A week after bringing Taft home, another colleague personally delivered me Run. I guess these two Patchett books are calling out to me. I truly enjoyed The Patron Saint of Liars and State of Wonder, my first Patchett book. I tried Bel Canto. I read about hundred pages. It was so darn slow. I couldn’t get through it. I gave up, although it is still in my book pile. I’m not ready to part with it yet. Although I have a stack of books, I am drawn to explore these two Patchett reads. My next read will be Run. I am crossing my fingers that I like it. Feel free to make comments on your thoughts. Just please do not give anything away. 

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