The Sound of Butterflies

This book reminded me a bit of Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder, although unfortunately not as good. The mystery of why the main character returns home mute, unravels too late in the story and without enough detail. Most of the characters are flat. Characters that show promise are not developed. I would have loved to learn more of Agatha and her gypsy ways. 

The novel is very loosely based on a violent, South American rubber baron. Even with some historical accuracies I would not classify this book as historical fiction. The nasty, horrendously violent realities of the history are not sufficiently explored or divulged. The Sound of Butterflies is a throw away, forgettable read but was fine for my long weekend in the desert while visiting my grandfather.  If you are in the mood for a Victorian novel, which is peppered with sex, abuse, mystery and deceits check it out as it is marginally entertaining. 

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