The American Heiress

This historical, turn of the 20th century romance is not a genre I enjoy as it has too much annoying fluff of the period. I am easily bored by the lengthy descriptions of the gilded manors, upper crust sports, the uncomfortable dresses and priceless jewels. During this book I was forced to skim paragraphs to try to get to the story line. The pace was slow, especially being peppered by detailed description of the era. Daisy Goodwin’s plot was painstakingly predictable. Spoiler Alert. Rich young American marries an English Duke. The Duke cheats on his wife with a character the wife naively believes is her confidant. When the cheating is discovered and the wife has a chance to leave she instead remains. These types of stories are a dime a dozen.

What was interesting to learn was that during the America’s Golden Age American heiresses would go to Europe to spend their money buying into the titled gentry. I could have learned this by reading a blurb on Wikipedia, instead of a four hundred and fifty plus page novel. My last two reads have been disappointing. My colleague gave me, What the Nanny Saw. The reviews are positive, but my colleague voiced issues. Fingers crossed that I enjoy this next read. Onward and hopefully up!

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