The Snowman

The Scandinavian’s are great at creating spellbinding thrillers that are chilling to the core. Additionally the cold climate makes for great bleak, creepy backdrops. The Snowman put Jo Nesbro in the same literary category as Karin Fossum, Henning Mankel and Stieg Larsson, other wonderful Scandinavian crime fiction authors. All these authors write gruesome well-crafted tales. It is interesting that they can create such violent worlds when their countries are not plagued by the unthinkable violence they impart.

The only issue I had, which I have found to be the case with other novels written by Scandinavian authors are the names of the character are difficult to follow. Many of the names are very similar.  Once I got a hold of who was who I couldn’t put the book down. Nesbro creates complicated plot twist and turns. There are numerous plausible alternative suppositions and reversals before the killer is revealed. I enjoyed Harry Hole and am thrilled that Nesbro has featured this character in many of his crime stories. I will be enjoying and reviewing more Harry Hole detective series.  

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